Functional Health & Fitness
Functional health coaching is all about treating you as a unique individual to ensure the best outcome based on your specifics.
Stop looking for a reason to keep making poor food choices. Stop giving excuses for not doing any exercise. Instead, start eating healthily and exercising at least 150 minutes a week and watch how your health improves.

You need to take control of your health back and do something about it now.

Not tomorrow
Not next week
Not after christmas

Your next bite may push you over the edge.

Are you 100% confident enough to keep taking that risk?...

As a passionate health coach, I will guide you carefully through the world of nutrition science to determine what changes are the most applicable for you. I will help you through the whole process from implementing goals and identifying obstacles to providing personal support where it matters.

I will be your personal health coach. My commitment is to provide you with the science and everything else you need to make the necessary changes to enable you to achieve optimal health with well informed choices.

You can expect a unique and personalised experience including:

● Helping you learn what, when and how much to eat and exercise
● Helping you to understand how important your microbiome is
● Planning your training, eating and recovery schedule
● Helping you make effective changes in the least complex way
● Highlighting stress or setbacks and finding a solution with you to achieve your goals
● Promoting positive thinking throughout these changes
● Helping you to become more health-aware to empower you over time
● Focusing on your long-term health
● Helping you to exceed in sports performance (for those focusing on fitness-specific goals)
● Explaining and recommending relevant supplementation
● Supporting your transition to a healthier, happier, fitter you!

If you want to 'get' healthy, you must 'be' healthy and there is no better time to start than now so get in touch and see what I can do for you.

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