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I specialise in helping my clients lose weight, get fit and improve their overall health, all in the comfort of their own home.

Learn which foods can help you specifically to lose weight and keep it off.
Learn how to use your home as a training area.
You are what you eat. Learn how to improve your health by improving your food and liquid intake.

Nutrition and toxicity play a major factor in determining your health. I can guide you on your journey.

Learn which foods are the most toxic for you.
Swapping non-organic for organic foods can have a major impact on your health.
Nutrition is the number one focus for anyone looking to improve their health.

As a health coach and toxicionist, I can help you with the following:

● Training/Fitness/Gym work
● Weight loss/Weight control
● Detoxifying your body
● Detoxifying your home
● Improving your nutrition
● Stress management
● Dealing with your allergies
● Standard diet
● Ketogenic diet
● Herbal medicine
● Dealing with asthma

My name is Robert McDonald and I am based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. I prefer to work with my clients in their home environment as this is the best and most important place to make changes.

My goal is to help you succeed in the most healthy and fun way possible, by empowering you with the most up-to-date research and information, training guides and eating plans.

Please give me a call on 07970382644 for a chat or send me an email below: