1-1 Personal Training
This training is designed to address your specific goals and body. I will work directly with you either in the gym, at home or in the park! By working face to face with you, I can assess where you’re at, find out where you’d like to go and show you how to get there.

This is the perfect option for someone who has specific concerns or wants to tailor their training for a specific goal.

I currently train at JC Health & Fitness in Elland but am open to meeting you at your favourite gym in the area.

If you don't like gyms, bodyweight training (with no equipment) would be a good option as this can be done at home or even in the park...

My personal training is perfect if you are after any of the following:

● You want a training program designed specifically for you
● You are new to various types of movement or training modalities
● You want to get your younger body back again or return to an active, healthy lifestyle
● You want to return to an active, healthy lifestyle
● You want one-on-one attention and accountability
● You want a high level of support in achieving your health and fitness goals
● You have specific sport/performance goals that you need help in attaining

Contact me now

Halifax Health Coach
email: info@halifaxhealthcoach.co.uk
mobile: 07970382644
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