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Quick Fat Loss Plan £99.00 (4 weeks)
● This 4 week quick fat loss plan concentrates on helping you to safely reduce your fat percentage by as much as possible in just 4 weeks. It is done by focusing on your current nutrition and takes into account what you are consuming at the moment and what you are missing out on.

● This is not a standard, 1-fits-all plan. I treat you as a unique individual with unique needs and the plan is designed specifically for you so that you find it as easy as possible. The plan can be altered during the 4 weeks if necessary as you may find some things easier than others.

● Download a 7 day food diary from (here).

● Complete it with as much information as possible.

● Email it back to me at info@halifaxhealthcoach.co.uk.

● I will then make a full investigation into everything about your eating habits in order to ascertain the best and easiest way for you to lose the most fat.

● I will then provide a unique, personalised 4 week fat loss plan, designed to meet your specific goals.

● Full support is provided throughout the duration.

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