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Providing a safe transition to a
Whole Food Plant Based Diet (WFPBD)

The optimal diet for your gut, mind, body and soul

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This expert, research backed, unique and personalised 4 week course is for people who want to make a huge, positive impact on their own health by either transitioning to or tesing out a whole food plant based diet.

If you want to get healthy, lose weight, tone up, build more lean muscle mass, increase recovery speed, reduce inflammation/pain/fatigue, increase mental clarity, improve mental health, increase your energy levels, get better sleep, reduce depression/anxiety, improve the health of your skin, improve your circulation, improve joint mobility or just get a greater overall level of wellbeing, this is the best diet there is.

If you have heart disease, cancer, Alzeimer's, diabetes, kidney issues, depression, septicemia, liver disease, high blood pressure, Parkinson's disease, arthritis, COPD, crohn's disease, IBS, acne, allergies, asthma, epilepsy, osteoporosis, dementia, multiple sclerosis or any other issue, this is the best diet there is.

Just remember, it's the food, it's the food, it's the food! [Michael Klaper, MD]

Why YOU should change to a WFPBD

It is the best diet for YOUR BODY and YOUR HEALTH

- It provides your body with all the nutrition it needs
- It works in synergy with your body and your gut
- It is the diet your body is designed to eat

The human microbiome is not designed to digest animal proteins...

It is the best diet for OUR PLANET

- It takes up 1/3 as much of the land as animal farming
- There is no animal cruelty involved
- There is no deforestation involved

If you and your child love the lambs in the field, why eat them just because of the taste...

Amazing Benefits of a WFPBD

● Lowered risk of heart disease
● Lowered risk of malignant neoplasms (cancer)
● Lowered risk of chronic lower respiratory disease
● Lowered risk of cerebrovascular disease (stroke)
● Lowered risk of Alzeimer's disease
● Lowered risk of diabetes, type 1 and 2
● Lowered risk of nephritis, nephrotic syndrome (kidney failure)
● Lowered risk of influenza and pneumonia
● Lowered risk of intentional self-harm (suicide)
● Lowered risk of septicemia (blood infection)
● Lowered risk of chronic liver disease and cirrhosis
● Lowered risk of essential hypertension (high blood pressure)
● Lowered risk of Parkinson's disease
● Lowered risk of pneumonitis due to solids and liquids

[These are the top 15 global killers.]

Real side-effects of a WFPBD

● Improved digestion
● Increased energy
● Removal of plaque from the arteries
● Better sleep
● Improvement in body weight (either loss or gain)
● Improved blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity
● Increased ability to control cholesterol levels
● Less symptoms of depression
● Lowered anxiety levels
● Less fatigue
● Increased vitality
● Improved mental health
● Improved blood pressure
● Improvement in triglyceride levels

[An amazing list of side-effects with lots more not included...]


Is a safe transition possible in just 4 weeks?
Yes. It all depends on how much you want it and I will help in every way I can to make sure that you succeed.

What are the main changes in the diet?
Mainly the elimination of meat, fish, dairy, eggs and vegetable oils.

Will I get enough protein?

- Studies show that all diets include enough protein - View the study
- The diet does not specifically remove protein but instead swaps it from animal-based to plant-based.

Where does this course take place
The course takes place over the phone, via the internet and by email.

What support will I receive

- I will provide all the information, education, training and support that you need to succeed
- I am available via phone, internet chat or email every day for the 4 weeks from 7am until 10pm
- I will contact you almost every day througout the course as your success is of the utmost importance to me
- There will be other people on the course as well so you will not be on your own


The price for the 4 week course is £99.00 (which includes a money back gaurantee).

The value of the course is your health which is priceless.

My inspiration

These doctors are a huge inspiration for everything I do:

Dr. John A. McDougall
Dr. Michael Herschel Greger
Dr. Michael A. Klaper
Dr. Thomas M. Campbell
Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn
Dr. Kim A. Williams
Dr. Pamela A. Popper
Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

Challenge yourself

Changing your diet can be a challenge (which is why this course is so useful) but the best things in life are worth the hard work and you will never look back with any regrets.

It's not healthy just for you but for all of those around you who will also benefit from the effects such as your increased positivity, high energy, vibrant skin, clarity of mind and general outlook on life.

You could be the catalyst for them to change as well...

Please click here to view all references.

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