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1 hr live Q&A session £25.00
Question: Do you want to lose weight, get fit, get healthy or all of the above? Not sure where to start? Something holding you back? Need a helping hand?

Answer: I am offering a unique opportunity to get as much information and as many questions answered as possible in 1 hour with regards to your diet, health and nutrition.

Get a 7 day record of your diet down on paper (as detailed as possible), then contact me for a session. I will go through everything with you and will help you make it better, healthier and more fitting to your actual needs.

You can choose to speak to me over the phone or via a web interface such as Skype or Teamviewer.

You can ask me absolutely anything and I'll do my best to answer your question and point you in the direction of any relevant information or studies, for instance:

- What to eat before a meal and which order to eat your meal in, to make sure your insulin response remains low
- What to do before and after a meal to ensure as high nutrient intake as possible
- Design your diet around your disease or syndrome to cure or relieve it
- Get your life back under control
- Learn to eat yourself OUT of depression
- Learn all about your microbiome

All this and so much more. It all depends on what YOU want to know so go ahead and book your session now.

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