Weight Loss Plan

Initial Consultation:

A 30 minute appointment in person or via telephone or you can complete and return a questionnaire by email instead.

Areas covered include:

Personal goals
Current diet
Health history
Food preferences
Lifestyle factors

Personalised Nutrition Plan:

You will receive a unique, individually tailored nutrition plan which will include the following:

Eating plan
Food recommendations
Supplement advice
Specific requirements

Continued Support

You will also receive one month of support via e-mail and phone providing:

Changes if required
Guidance on important decisions
Motivational advice
Focus on achieving success


To help you get the most out of your weight loss plan, you will also receive the following:

FREE eBook ‘The 6 Aspects To Optimise Your Health”
Discounts on 1-1 personal training sessions
Informational videos and articles matching your goals
The science to reinforce the recommendations