This is our most popular corporate package, a 4 week complete health and fitness course which includes all of the following:

Initial Consultation:

A 30 minute appointment in person or via telephone or you can complete and return a questionnaire by email instead.

Areas covered include:

· Personal goals
· Current diet
· Health history
· Food preferences
· Lifestyle factors

12 x 1 hour 1-1 personal training sessions at JC Health & Fitness

· Sessions will be tailored to your specific needs and goals
· Physio advice is used if necessary to correct any physical issues

1 x Physio session

· This session will help us to spot any musculoskeletal issues or imbalances which can be worked on during the PT sessions
· Extracurricular activities may be advised to help further

1 x Sports massage

· This amazing sports massage will help you to recover from your sessions

1 x Yoga session

· Sessions are designed to meet your needs and goals and will focus on areas to improve including flexibility, breathing and any feedback from the physio or PT sessions

1 x Nutrition/Diet plan

You will receive a unique, individually tailored nutrition plan which will include the following:

· Eating plan
· Food recommendations
· Supplement advice
· Specific requirements


To help you get the most out of your corporate package, you will also receive the following:

· FREE eBook ‘The 6 Aspects To Optimise Your Health At Work”
· Discounts on future sessions
· Informational and motivational videos and articles matching your goals
· The science to reinforce the recommendations